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Asian Disasters: : How to help









26 May 2006

WEST SUMATRA 7.630 September 2009






Nias Reconstruction Summit To Be Held in Medan
Saturday, 28-May-2005

Medan, Antara Governor of North Sumatra Tengku Rizal Nurdin announced that
donor countries summit on Nias reconstruction will be held in Medan, on June 15.
The gathering will become forum to mobilize supports toward reconstruction of
Nias Island and other districts in North Sumatra affected by last December
tsunami and March earthquakes.

''Infrastructure in the island has been badly and completely destroyed by the earthquakes. After providing relief efforts, the time has come to start reconstruction
of infrastructure, as well as restoring health and education facilities, to enable
people return to their normal life,'' Nurdin told reporters on Monday in Medan.

Nias Island is part of North Sumatra province and consists of two subdistricts:
Nias (Gunung Sitoli as its capital) and South Nias (Teluk Dalam). The Nias district
has been affected by last December tsunami, and along with South Nias, become more badly damaged by March 28 earthquakes.

The governor estimated that Nias will need about 4,400 billion rupiah ($468 million) or more for the reconstruction efforts. So far, several donor countries as well as Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and UN agencies have provided commitment to help rebuild the island.
They will be invited to attend the summit




Magnitude 8.7 Earthquake West of Sumatra
devastated Nias 03/28/05



MSNBC: 8.7 Magnitude Earthquake damages Nias 03/28/05

BBC: Earthquake creates chaos on Nias 03/30/05

BBC: Major damage on island of Nias 03/29/05




YEL had planned an early April Nias visit as follow-up of the needs
assesment, for consultation with the local goverment about
reconstruction projects. Due to the recent earthquake, this visit has to be postponed. The earthquake has devastated Nias .
Access to the island is difficult as the airport and infrastructure
have been heavily damaged.
We will continue our relief efforts as as soon as possible.



 Asian Tsunami Disaster: : How to help


 Help Age International/YEL Team members in NIAS
January 18-22, 2005


Pictorial images of Nias after the Tsunami

Team members visited disaster area for a needs assement
and conducted evaluation interviews with elderly residents


























HelpAge International, Asia/Pacific Regional Development Centre:
c/o Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Tel: (66 53) 895 021, 894 805, 225 440, 225 081
Fax: (66 53) 894 214, 225 441
Email: [email protected] Website: www.helpage.org


HAI and local partners in Indonesia, since the start of the disaster have been active
in providing emergency assistance and conducted various rapid need assessments
in three different affected locations in Aceh and Northern Sumatra Provinces. The rapid assessments have revealed that even though billions of dollars have been pledged for relief and rehabilitation works in Indonesia, it was mainly focused on
Aceh province.

According to local government data, the tsunami killed 136 people and 39 people
are reported missing. The numbers of people that have died from the tsunami are
lower than in other affected communities in Aceh province due to fact that many
older people in the communities were aware of the signs of an impending
tsunami- such as strong earthquake and unusually receding tides. Many of the
people interviewed reported being informed by older people in the communities
to evacuate to higher ground, just before the tsunami struck their communities.

However, even though many lives were saved, many of the fishing and farming communities located in the western coastal areas of the Nias were destroyed or damaged. The assessment team identified 20 affected communities with a total population of 13,537 people consisting of 2,674 households. The situation and
needs assessment were conducted using household questionnaires, focus group discussions and individual interview with key informants.

Assessment on Nias Island was conducted from 17-20 January 2005 and was conducted jointly by HelpAge International and the following local collaborating organisations:

1. Yayasan Emong Lansia (YEL)
2. Indonesian Research Centre on Ageing (InResAge), Trisakti University
3. Ministry of Health (National, Provincial and District levels)
4. Ministry of Social Affairs (National, Provincial and District levels)
5. Local NGO: Yayasan Melati, Nias Island

 Research on older people and the tsunami experience

Anecdotal evidence emerging in the first few weeks of the Asia tsunami disaster
has raised concerns about the situation of older people, including reports of disproportionate deaths in this age group, their greater vulnerability in the
immediate aftermath and difficulties accessing available support. In this respect,
a research is being carried out by HAI in order to provide, rapidly, an overview
of the situation of older people affected by the tsunami and to highlight critical
areas for improving the inclusion of older people in emergency responses in future. This initial research activity is expected to be completed within 4 weeks.

The results might also lead to a more in depth study on the roles of older people in rehabilitation processes. The Development Department of HAI has prepared the methodologies for the research and APDC is coordinating its implementation.

The research in Indonesia it is led by Dr. Nugroho Abikusno, Associate Dean & Associate Professor in Public Health and Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Trisakti University & Head, Centre for Community Health & Population Studies, Trisakti University Research Institute, Jakarta




Banda Aceh Before 12/26/04


Satellite pictures show how much of
Banda Aceh has been devastated


Banda Aceh After12/26/04